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WordPress (WP) is optimal for most websites as it keeps pace with the development of SEO. Yet in 90% of cases, WP sites are packed with so many plugins that they are not able to get to the top in Google. We’re going to improve your heavy plugins and optimize the structure, data, and functionality of the site to get high search engine rankings.

WP-Magic Optimization Plan




3-5 days

WordPress Optimization Services

We optimize all the work of your site from hosting speed to full compliance to Google rules: speed, performance, and accurate integration into the searching system. With our optimization service, your web page reaches the fastest performance in all areas on the planet and gets security certificates and needed agreements.

The principal point is that we use the latest WordPress optimization methods and transform your site into a helpful and effective instrument for online business.

Server Optimization

Configuring hosting for full power performance and optimizing the work of your server


Installing security certificate (SSL), activating URL redirection, and configuring links and files according to the new protocol

Content Delivery Network

Boosting and optimizing the uninterrupted website content loading. Your web pages will load ultrafast from any place on the planet


Setting content caching, local scripts, and style sheets for the fastest performance

Image Optimization

Speeding up media loading, optimizing and configuring the modern adaptive image formats (WebP)

Page Requests

Reducing the number of requests while loading, сombining basic scripts and style sheets

Code Minifying

Optimizing HTML, Javascript, CSS code, and making the loading order efficient to speed up content delivery

Analytics & SEO Tools

Installing and configuring the analytics and search systems integration tools

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Setting an ultrafast loading format for mobile pages so that they are loaded straight from the Google servers

We apply the best premium plugins that will save your time and budget for advertising. Once we configure your website, most of the further changes are optimized automatically. WP web pages demonstrate 3-4 times better performance and usability after optimization

Average time of operations: 3-5 days (this may be longer if we need any additional information from you)

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“Many thanks for the impressive results and valuable insights!”

“With the help of SEO methods, we’ve reached online visibility and considerable audience growth. Based on the audit report, the solutions tailored for our website proved highly efficient, and we experienced more far-reaching effects than the number of our advertising campaigns. Now I’m happy with the progress and recommend WiseOptimize for their creativity, assistance, and professionalism.”

Andrew Cohen, CEO Canada East European Investment Inc.


  • How fast will my website load?

    We want your site to load faster than 2 seconds, but the complexity of your page will play a key role. It depends on which plan you chose as well.

  • How much time do you need to optimize my website?

    We usually complete a single WordPress site optimization from 3 to 5 days. Large projects using other frameworks take a week or more.

  • Does your plan cover one site?

    Yes, each plan is for a single website.

  • Do you take e-commerce projects?

    Yes, our team specializes in e-commerce projects and we have a long experience dealing with e-commerce sites.

  • Can I switch between the plans?

    Yes, switch between the plans whenever you want.

  • What about the money-back guarantee?

    If we can’t optimize your website within 14 days period, we’ll make a repayment.

  • Where is your company located?

    We are headquartered in Ukraine and also have team members worldwide.

  • How will I be billed?

    You will be billed upon signup via credit card.

  • Do you take complex development projects?

    Yes, each of our three plans covers the whole spectrum of complexity. If you don’t know which plan to choose, please, fill in the form.

  • Can I resell your services on behalf of my brand?

    We are open to partnership. You are free to resell one of our plans to your clients. We also offer a discount program for partners. Please, write to us for more information.

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